If you have rings that you can't wear, need to take off, or just want to show off in a unique way, this is what you've been looking for! This simple yet stylish lanyard necklace features a large lobster claw clasp that will securely hold your rings, ID badge, charms, or whatever else you want to add. Perfect for nurses, doctors, teachers, new moms, or anyone who has difficulty with movement or dexterity.

Necklace is approximately 30" long, featuring a delicate lovely filigree style silver plated chain and a lobster claw style clasp to hold your items.

Please take care to make sure that the clasp is completely closed when placing your rings or other items on the necklace. As with anything precious, you must be mindful of the necklace getting caught on things as you move around and anything with an open weave that may pull on the latch and release the clasp. The clasp is sturdy and of excellent quality, but if the lever is pulled, it will open as it should.

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Ring Holder Necklace

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