A peek into the bel monili workshop

A peek into the bel monili workshop

Lucy Kelly

Every January, I like to take the time to really clear out my workspace 

and get some fresh inspiration for the new year.

This year, as I was moving through my space, I thought I'd share some photos of a few of my favorite areas within my space.

bel monili workshop


bel monili bead storage

As you can see, I really love color! I have my beads hanging where I can see them everyday.

vintage pastel pottery, figural pottery, pink dog, green unicorn

I love to collect vintage pastel figural pottery, especially these McCoy beauties. 

mccoy pottery

For my charms, I keep them organized in small, see-through drawers so I'm not digging around during jewelry making time. 

 charm storage, bead storage, craft room storage

I like to have my vintage jewelry stash sorted by color in see-through containers. 

craft organization, craft room storage, jewelry storage, vintage craft jewelry

A few months back, my sweet husband installed some pegboards on my walls.

On one of them, I installed my beads (see earlier pic). 

On the other, I created a little shipping station where I have all of my supplies to ship out my jewelry creations.

shipping station, shipping for small spaces, small craft room organization

A basket corraling all of my cards/mailing inserts has proven to be quite helpful when it comes time to shipping: no more searching around for cards!

My workpace is small, probably about 10x10 with a closet that is full of my husband's hockey card collection. One of my most favorite things about this house is this tiny little space that is full of color and light. I'd love to see your spaces and what inspires you to create!

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