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Getting up and running

Lucy Kelly1 comment

Thank you so much for being here! I am welcoming old friends and new here to my brand-new standalone website, and I hope you are enjoying it. Over the years, bel monili has grown from a small craft hobby with the occasional weekend show to a booming full time business with a full event schedule and an ever-growing web presence.

I am thrilled to be launching, where visitors will be able to have a virtual shopping experience that I hope to be as joyful as a visit to my booth at a show.

When I started bel monili in 2010, I began with a few strings of beads and a half-price class booked at my local craft store. As my journey continued, I found myself naturally gravitating towards recycling vintage costume jewelry into new and unique creations. 8 years and tens of thousands of handcrafted pieces later, I am here to invite you along on the next steps of my journey. Here on my site, you will find the best selection of my handcrafted wares along with a very finely curated selection of boutique and gift items that I have specially selected that I think my "girls" (my customers) will love.

Here's to 2018: the best year yet!




1 comment

Lucy the new website looks great! The design and photography really reflect your business well. Browsing your website is like being at your booth in a show.

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