bel monili vintage costume jewelry collection

My Latest Vintage Jewelry Haul

Lucy Kelly
Here at bel monili, vintage jewelry is kind of "my thing".  
The statement pieces I make, including the collage necklaces, vintage cluster bracelets, and rhinestone necklaces, all contain authentic vintage costume jewelry, making them uniquely one of a kind creations. 
Vintage cluster earrings for upcycling
I have a special fondness in my heart for these candy-colored vintage bauble earrings! I pick these up everywhere I can find them, and the other day I happened to come across a gorgeous selection that I simply couldn't resist. 
vintage rhinestone clip on earrings
Delicious, sparkly vintage rhinestones dance and sing in the light. 
rhinestone clip on earrings and brooches
It's so impressive to look at them all together and imagine where they have been!
vintage pearl brooch, antique rhinestone pin
Vintage statement brooches are another favorite of mine. 
green vintage rhinestone brooch, large vintage brooch, green rhinestone pin
There is nothing quite like the saturated color of a beautiful vintage rhinestone brooch.
antique costume jewelry, bel monili vintage jewelry
Rhinestones and vintage auroroa borealis crystal beads reflect the light in a rich rainbow of hues. 
Vintage costume jewelry, vintage enamel flower brooch, antique rhinestone pins, brooch bouquet
Soon, these beauties will be transformed into bel monili one of a kind creations!
bel monili
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