Properties of African Turquoise, what is African Turquoise

African Turquoise: Properties, Powers, and What it Really Is

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As you may know, one of the things I absolutely LOVE to do is to go to the bead show.
It's such an amazing sensory experience:
imagine if the game Candy Land came to life
and all of the gumdrops and lollipops were sitting right there in grownup form.


This year, I have decided to take a deeper look at the stones I chose for my designs. I want to share with you a little bit more about what these stones "mean" and how they will benefit you as the wearer. 


First up on the docket is African Turquoise.
This beautiful green-blue stone is peppered with earthy ebony and cocoa flecks,
adding to its organic appearance.
African Turquoise
The name "African Turquoise" is a bit of a misnomer in the sense that this stone isn't turquoise at all, rather it is a variety of jasper (which is itself a form of chalcedony) that is mined in Africa. The stone's beautiful organic look comes from the mineral content of the stone, incuding crystal quartz (giving it the opaque appearance) as well as copper and iron. African Turquoise is an excellent candidate for jewelry items that are intended for frequent wear due to its natural hardness (6.5-7 on the mohs scale).  


African turquoise is considered the stone of evolution, bringing about great change and transformation in life. This gorgeous stone opens up your mind to the possibility of all things new and unknown. It helps us to accept the need for change and gives us the strength to pursue it with confidence. I imagine it would be beautiful and supportive in a design that someone would wear to a job interview, first day of work, or an introductory meeting with a new client or friend. 


This amazing stone really resonates with me as a jewelry designer, especially when I juxtapose it with my midcentury vintage costume jewelry pieces. I love the eclectic mix of repurposing vintage jewelry with the newness and encouragement of this stone.


Spring 2019 will bring several new bel monili designs featuring this stone. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list to see how these beauties come together with pieces from our vintage stash to create something new and exciting.
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Sue Pelletier
Sue Pelletier
Awesome! Can’t wait to see your creations with the African Turquoise… love I!

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